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Google’s New Search Engine Is Code-Named ‘Caffeine’

WordPress is a popular blogging tool that is easy to use. Many people choose WordPress for their blogs or even their business websites because it eliminates the need to hire a website designer to set up a site. However, most people don’t realize that WordPress is also a great choice for search engine optimization. Because it is so easy to customize, WordPress SEO companies can easily configure a WordPress site to rank well in search engines for targeted keyword phrases.

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Each individual page is set up with the corresponding Title tags, Alt tags and Meta tags related to your specific keywords. We do not repeat what is in the home page tags.

When you apply proper SEO marketing firms techniques to your articles you will be ranked higher in the Search Engine Results Page SERP People who read your articles will not see you as a free-lance writer they will see you as a professional writer. One of the positive results of being viewed as a professional is the possibility of getting more writing assignments.

If you are wondering about what search engine optimization keyword you should use for your articles, it pays to use common sense. Select a keyword that is directly related to the topic you are talking about or the product that you are selling. Make sure that the keyword sounds natural, as not only would the article be simpler to construct, but it would also make the article simpler to read. This can work both ways: it can increase your search engine optimization, and people who visit your site will find relevant information.

Your page rank is determined by these votes and it is used by the search engine to evaluate your site’s relevance. Actually, a link to your site is a vote from other site recognizing the importance of your site. Your site becomes more visible with many incoming links, also called referrals, to your site.

Once you have optimized your site with SEO techniques, then you will want to submit it to search engine for review. Your site may not show up for several weeks or months, simply because some submission sites are manually checked. This process can take some time, since there are hundreds of sites submitted daily. After optimization, leave your site as is until it has been reviewed.


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